GA Aging and Disability Resource Connection:

Georgia's Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) links seniors and adults with disabilities to resources that promote independence. We are your starting point for long-term services and supports. You can call to make an appointment with one of our counselors to learn which services are best for you. Some individuals are eligible for publicly funded services. For some, paying for services is a better option than publicly funded services. This usually ensures the services will be provided more quickly.

To visit the ADRC website visit:  or call 866-552-4464

ADRC Counselors use the EmpowerlinePro resource data base to search for resources in your area.

To learn about resources available in the metro Atlanta area visit the Empowerline website at:


Money Follows the Person

Georgia’s ADRC also provides options counseling and transition services for individuals wanting to leave nursing homes. You can call to request an options counselor visit at 866-552-4464. You can learn more about transitions by visiting the Georgia Medicaid website at

This program has been extended through 2023.

The program is designed to provide funding to help people with disabilities to move from nursing homes and other care facilities and return to their homes and communities.

Who is eligible?

  • In order to qualify for MFP, you must:
    • Live in a nursing home or other institutions for at least 90 days, receiving long-term care
    • Be a Medicaid recipient
    • Meet institutional level of care

If you have any questions about the MFP program you can contact:

  • DCH, MFP Project Staff at [email protected] or by calling 404-657-9323,
  • The Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services at 866-55-AGING (800-552-4464), or
  • The Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman at 404-656-6862, or
  • Aging and Disability Resource Connections at 800-676-2433